Medical Display Solution : RADIOPLAY™

Due to diverse tastes from global clients and various technology, ANY Inc. focuses on ODM or OEM business. To integrate our ANY Inc. manufacturing business on a global scale, we heavily input our resources into research and development in many governmental and private projects while collaborating with world-class engineers and buyers. We are seeking OEM and ODM (CKD & SKD) partnerships for medical grade monitors, industrial displays, DID, and other medical grade industrial displays with global customers, distributors, and medical and industrial systems. The Korean display industry is full of vitality and surrounded by leading high-tech companies, such as Samsung and LG.

The productivity efficiencies of Picture Archiving & Communications System (PACS) are now widely accepted by radiology professionals. The enormous pressure set upon the estimated 90% of medical imaging departments still using conventional X-ray film to adopt and embrace digital solutions is understandable.

The single most crucial component in a digital medical imaging system is the display, as this is where the diagnosis is made, and it is also a major element of the total investment made.

Recognizing the paramount importance of diagnostic quality, ANY Inc. has developed the new RADIOPLAY™ range of LCD monitors utilizing the most modern manufacturing process which is able to offer these superb and feature rich devices at prices that are affordable to business managers.

RADIOPLAY™ is always pursing for the differentiated best for customers all over the world.

It enables the absolute best customer oriented technology and continuous upgraded innovation for improvement.
RADIOPLAY™ is ready to actively perform the designated functions and specification of customers.

Field-Oriented Medical Displays

Since 1995, we began to supply high resolution LCD displays for the medical field. We tested our displays for ultrasound, CR, DR, CT, MRI in several hospitals in Japan, the US, the EU, Asia and a few other locations to gain understanding of what end-users require in the field. We have invested our resources to develop field- oriented medical displays.

High Quality Displays

ANY Inc. tests our displays based on the medical QC standard. In addition to this standard, we also have our exclusive standards to check ultrasound, CR, DR, CT, MRI and endoscopic images based on our vast experience testing in the field. For safety reasons, we tested our displays based on the medical standard to produce strong and stable displays for the medical field. We can show the result of our objectives with high quality displays.

Low Cost & Lifelong Displays

From the first design stage of our displays, we took cost reductions into consideration of materials and accessories to produce low cost displays. Also we considered the depreciation term of our products and we tested our displays over thousands of hours to offer a longer warranty period. Likewise as above we select solutions to produce lifelong displays.

12-Bit Simultaneous Grayscale Display

The 12-Bit grayscale look-up table of RADIOPLAY™ produces high quality images on your screen.
Compared to the 8-bit grayscale, it displays more accurate and stable shading, as you can see in the scale figure.

Special features

Fine GAMMA correction

Each R/G/B has a 10-bit color look-up table with a 12-bit color depth.
256 gray levels for each R/G/B is displayed simultaneously from the 4096 gray levels (12-bit).
GAMMA 2.2, DICOM, and all other user’s defined GAMMA can be adjusted very precisely.

Fine GAMMA correction
Original LCD, max 51% error from ideal GAMMA 2.2 setting after correction

Fine color coordinate correction

Color coordinate is corrected accurately through the gray levels.

Fine color coordinate correction
Original LCD, max error: x=0.037, y=0.035 at 6500K after correction

Minimal color shift

It works, although the brightness (black level), contrast, and dimming brightness value is changed.

Minimal color shift
Conventional contrast function, improved contrast function

Minimal color shift
Conventional brightness (black level) function, improved brightness (black level) function

Any vendor’s defined color temperature can be adopted: 6500K, 7500K, 9300K, 11000K, etc.