The productivity efficiencies of Picture Archiving & Communications System(PACS) are now widely accepted by radiology professionals. The enormous pressure upon the estimated 90% of medical imaging department still using conventional X-ray file to adopt and embrace digital solution is understandable.

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The single most crucial component in a digital medical imaging system is the display, as this is where the diagnosis is made, and it is also major element in the total investment.
Recognizing the paramount importance of diagnostic quality, AnyInc. has developed the new RADIOPLAY™ range of LCD monitor of the most modern manufacturing process is able to offer these superb and feature rich devices at prices that affordable to business managers.

The productivity and efficiency of PACS (Picture Archiving & Communications System) are widely accepted as a global standard by radiology professionals. The most crucial factor in a digital medical imaging system is the display where diagnosis is made and medical professionals or doctors can judge accordingly from a medical point of view.

Recognizing the significant importance of medical image quality for x-ray, ultrasound systems and more, Any Inc. has over 20 years of professional medical experience to improve quality. Our flagship product RADIOPLAY™ includes a wide range of LCD monitors with the most modern manufacturing process and technology, offering superb features and rich functions at reasonable or competitive price.

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